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At this point, we're all pretty hard-wired to expect craziness from both Lars von Trier and his films, so the news that he's looking to create a new film genre with his next project, Nymphomaniac, isn't that surprising at all. Just keeping us on our toes!

According to a press release distributed recently, the new film genre is called "Digressionism"—that is, to "depart from the main subject." The way he'll go about doing this: The film will be divided into two volumes, and eight different chapters. In the eight month span between now and when the film is released in December, small portions of these 'chapters' will be released as promotional material, and published in select newspapers around the world.

The press release explains it all:

In 2011 Lars von Trier decided to refrain from all public statements and interviews. To this date he has kept his word.

But his stories are still being told worldwide and Nymphomaniac will be no exception. Using a structure known from literature Nymphomaniac consists of chapters, encapsulating both VOLUME I and VOLUME II and during the next eight months, starting from June and like domino pieces counting down to the release, small bites of these chapters will be published exclusively by a community of selected newspapers around the world.

Each chapter teaser is defined by a headline, a still and a short narrative that playfully unveils the multilayered universe of Nymphomaniac with which Lars von Trier wants to introduce a new film genre: Digressionism.

[Digress /dɪˈgrɛs, daɪ-/ verb: Depart from the main subject]

Chapter 1: The Complete Angler
Chapter 2: Jerome
Chapter 3: Mrs. H
Chapter 4: Delirium
Chapter 5: The Little Organ School
Chapter 6: The Eastern & Western Church (The Silent Duck)
Chapter 7: The Mirror
Chapter 8: The Gun

Nymphomaniac is set to be released on Christmas day, because it's totally just the perfect family holiday film.

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[via Twitchfilm]