To say J.J. Abrams' new Star Wars movie is highly anticipated would be a huge understatement. He's already faced a lot of criticism (will he make it too much like Star Trek) and of course, continues to face enormous expectations.

Abrams spoke this weekend at the Produced By conference and revealed that they'll star production on the next Star Wars in early 2014. He also said they'd likely be moving to London at the end of this year as to start working as soon as possible. It had already been announced that the movie would shoot in the U.K., but Abrams said this "drives me insane" and that the plan was in place before he was brought on as director. 

“I think that the thing is so big and so massive to so many people that the key to moving forward is honoring but not revering what went before,” he said. Unfortunately, Abrams gave a solid "No comment" to questions about character development and plot. 

So, to recap: the seventh installment of Star Wars will begin production in very early 2014 in the U.K. Commence wild plot speculation.

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[via Deadline]