If you're one of the, like, three people who miss Jennifer Lopez's acting career since Parker was released earlier this year, good news: She's already booked a new project! According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lopez is set to star alongside Antonio Banderas in the upcoming drama The 33

Plot-wise, the film is said to focus on the true story of the 33 Chilean miners who became trapped in northern Chilé's San José copper-gold mine for 69 days after it caved-in significantly in 2010. It's not clear on who Lopez will be portraying, but she'll be starring alongside Antonio Banderas who is portraying trapped miner Mario Sepúlveda, Martin Sheen who is portraying a trapped miner's father, and Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro who is also portraying a trapped miner.

Production is scheduled to begin this fall in Chilé.

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[via The Hollywood Reporter]