Blame—or, rather, enthusiastically credit—Eisener's penchant for directing over-the-top genre cinema on moral support from two crucial loved ones back in the day.

"No one in my family has worked in the arts at all. Before I got into filmmaking, I was really into skateboarding. That's really why I first picked up a video camera, to film my friends skateboarding, and on our downtime we'd shoot some skits, which led me into wanting to take some film courses during high school. At first, I think my parents thought that the filmmaking thing was just a fad, that I would get over it, so they always entertained the idea of it but they were always scared of me thinking I could make a living from it. My dad works in construction, and my mom was a teacher. They always supported everything I shot, though."

"I remember my dad asking me to go Texas with him, for a work trip. I told him, 'I'll go, but there's a film playing there I really want to see, called Bubba Ho-Tep,' and I took him to see that with me. It was a small audience, and they were loving it and reacting so much to the screen. After the movie, my dad said, 'You know what? I can totally see what it is you want to do, and I'll totally support you.' So it was Bubba Ho-Tep that sealed the deal for him."

"I was always a big movie fan, though, even before I wanted to direct. I've known my friend John Davies since kindergarten; growing up, my parents had a shed in our backyard, and we put some bunks in it, and a TV with a VCR. We had this video store down the street called Gigantic Video, and they had this deal where you could rent five movies for $5 for five days, and we'd go there everyday, rent five movies, watch them in the shed, and take the movies back and do it again. We cleaned out their whole horror section in one summer."

"Going into Hobo when we trying to cast Rutger [Hauer], the first actor that John and I ever got into was Rutger. When you're getting into film, a lot of directors track down the directors they're really big into, but the first actor we ever got really into, to where we wanted to see all of his work, was Rutger, from those days in the back shed. Movies like The Hitcher, and Blood of Heroes, and Blind Fury were huge for us. So to have Rutger star in Hobo was amazing. I felt like things had come full circle."