Since movies about the end of the world (see: This Is the End, World War Z) are the trend du jour, here's an interesting clip from a lesser publicized project surrounding an apocalyptic attack called Goodbye World. Now, think seriously for a moment: If it were the end of the world, who better to spend it with than Vincent Chase Adrian Grenier, Ryan Atwood Ben McKenzie, and Kid Cudi? Answer: No one, except maybe Seth Rogen

Seriously though: The film, hailing from director Denis Henry Hennelly, looks like a legitimately interesting project. According to Indiewire, it the plot focuses on a group of college friends who reunite at a off-the-grid cabin in the wake of an "apocalyptic cyber attack." Things get tense with everyone living in close quarters, and the fact that the world is more or less ending doesn't help matters. Drama!

You can check out a clip from the film above.

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[via Indiewire]