Yesterday, the NYPD arrested 11 members of the Bronx gang 6 Wild who gained infamy by robbing other drug dealers at gunpoint. According the the Bronx District Attorney, the NYPD and the Special Narcotics Unit, gang leaders orchestrated several robberies over the past two years. Omar Little and his ever-changing crew from The Wire would most likely respect this hustlebefore going to war with them.

A 58-count indictment was unsealed as suspects were charged with robbery, assault and conspiracy to commit attempted murder. The gang sought money and drugs, allegedly stealing up to three kilos of heroin during one particularly fruitful outing. However, here's something Omar would frown upon: 6 Wild is accused of attacking innocent people in at least three occasions. 

Their home invasion tactics were elaborate: they would recruit young boys or girls to infiltrate the lives of potential targets so they could gather information that would help superiors determine the best times to strike.   "The 6 Wild crew thought that by using young women, juvenile boys and stashed guns they would evade police," NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said. "They were wrong."

Unfortunately, their lack of modesty on social media (exhibited by the images above) also contributed to their downfall. When will the criminals learn?

[via New York Daily News]