Up until this point, Foursquare users lacked a go-to place to see all of their check-ins. Checked-in to the Empire State Building three years ago? Good luck finding that. But now, Foursquare has finally released a way to view all of your past check-ins—and it's awesome. 

Dubbed "Time Machine," the location-based app is letting users dive deep into the past (that is, if you've been using it frequently). In this case, it pays off to have checked-in everywhere, rather than only having a measly 23 check-ins. In Time Machine, all of your check-ins are displayed on a map, with each check-in represented as a colorful dot that is organized by category. On the screen, users have a few data options in which they can view their check-ins: by days of the week, top places, categories and location. Yes, it's similar in theory to FaceBook's check-in map, but it visualizes the data much more beautifully than Facebook's plain-jane approach, and it will naturally make you want to re-explore the places you've explored.

[via Venture Beat]