Incidents like this only seem to happen in Florida.

Nineteen-year-old Antoren Bell managed to successfully steal a car at gunpoint, but didn't make it far because he didn't know how to drive a stick shift. Bell was part of a trio who convinced a woman to stop her vehicle and give them a ride in Escambia County. Before she could complete her act of kindness, Bell pulled out a gun and ordered her out of the vehicle.

However, Bell was forced to ditch the car because he was unable to drive a stick. The woman eventually picked him out of a lineup and he was charged with robbery, criminal mischief and theft. You have to pass driver's ed before you can steal cars, kids.

Also, Gawker should keep this in mind: just because a dreadlocked black teenager gets in trouble with the law, it doesn't mean that you absolutely have to reference Chief Keef. It really doesn't.

[via Gawker]