Andrew Joseph Lobban can't take a joke. The 31-year-old club bouncer has been accused of killing three of his "friends" out side of an Ocala, FL bar because they recorded a video of him misfiring his weapon at a gun range. According to the Ocala Star Banner, 25-year-old Josue "Sway" Santiago recorded the video, then showed it to 23-year-old Benjamin Larz Howard and 20 year-old Jerry Lamar Bynes, Jr.

Angry and embarrassed, Lobban shot all three of the men in the head. According to police reports obtained by the Huffington Post, Lobban told authorities that he only meant to shoot Santiago; Howard and Bynes, Jr. were shot by "mistake." Right.

Lobban faces three counts of first-degree murder. These four really weren't that friendly; friends don't kill friends over shit like this. Or at all.

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