A tourist enjoying a calm walk through Central Park with her husband miraculously survived being struck on the head by a falling tree branch yesterday. Sharon Reese of Terre Haute was hit by the oak tree branch around 3;30 p.m. yesterday and was fortunate to escape the incident with just a broken arm and chipped teeth, though that's certainly nothing to scoff at. 

According to the New York Times, the branch fell some 40 feet and knocked Reese unconscious. A witness emailed their account of the incident to Gothamist:

There was a sudden strong gust of wind. I heard and saw a tree branch crack then fall. Heard someone crying. Approached. Woman was on the ground with a man (assume husband) leaning over her and helping her. Several others were already there and calling 911. Helped the man open an umbrella. Held the umbrella over her head (it was raining a little). Gave the man a compress and he held it to her head (he was using his hand before). Gave him my shirt that he folded up and placed under her head. Waited for police and ambulance to arrive.

She was conscious and speaking with the man I assumed to be her husband. I saw the branch fall, but didn't see where it hit her. I heard someone say that the branch knocked her to the ground and she fell face first to the paved walkway. I believe she had a cut to her head and damage to a tooth, possibly lost a tooth. The man asked her to remain on the ground while he applied pressure to the wound on her head and they waited for the ambulance.

Reese, 59, is very lucky to be alive.

[via Gothamist and New York Times]