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What if you could take all the contentcool photos, status updates, and postsfrom your Facebook Timeline and turn it into an actual print book? Well, thanks to Likebook, you can!

Ranging from $12 to $140 (depending on the page count), Likebook converts your most precious Facebook memories into a one-of-a-kind book. Info can be culled from a particular year or a specified date range. And for all the Facebook early adopters who are still using the social network, you can even go as far back as 2007 to include content.

“Users already have several years of their personal life story on Facebook. We provide a way to respond to the basic human need to gather, archive, and share the personal stories that are stored in social networks," said Patrick Osinski, who is the marketing director for Likebooks.

Just think of it as your digital yearbook.

[via Mashable]