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Maybe you didn’t play 2011’s El Shaddai, the pointedly surreal Devil May Cry­-esque third-person brawler based on the allegedly apocryphal Book of Enoch, a Jewish religious text that was thrown out of the bible. (You really should, if only to see angels in Japanese designer jeans.)

Even if you’re unfamiliar with the bizarre and searingly eye-grabbing world where Enoch exists, you may get another chance at an introduction soon. El Shaddai’s director, Sawaki Takeyasu, has secured the rights for future use of the IP, acquiring it from El Shaddai publisher Ignition Entertainment, according to a report translated by Kotaku.

Takeyasu, who also did El Shaddai’s character designs, seems interested in making some other game with the property with his development studio, Crim. While we don’t know what further games may come from the deal, at the very least it makes the possibility of a sequel more likely. From the official press release:

This acquisition entails prequel, sequel and all other derivative rights of the existing game. Crim will work with the Entertainment industry to develop a potential El Shaddai business moving forward.

Out of all the strangest Japanese action and adventure games that have come out this console generation, El Shaddai is easily one of top to have been localized (a miracle, perhaps, in and of itself). You might call it this gen’s Killer 7 for its sheer oddity.

Need proof? Aside from the interesting ways the art style changes level by level – often quite drastically – Lucifer imparts you with information via your cell phone. Crazy.

Via Kotaku