Address: 4441 Collins Ave.

LIV is only fun if you're in VIP, and into LMFAO, gelling your hair vertically, and applying copious amounts of self tanner. This is not because we're VIP snobs (sidenote: we are) but because we don't relish breathing in the balmy pit of GA's (general admission-ers, to the uninitiated) that make getting to the bar/bathroom/anywhere a nearly impossible pursuit. The dance floor is framed by balconies that overlook it, and these alcoves house the assholes dumb enough to shell out money to watch everyone else swap sweat below. LIV may offer your best chance of running into Drake (cool) and, also, the highest probability of Drake scooping your girl (not cool). LIV is a great spot to find bros who can't dance, and instead just idly stare. Perched and peeping, they will shamelessly gawk, mouth agape, at anyone below, resulting in an animal-at-a-zoo feel that's as awkward to watch as it is to experience.