Address: 732 NE 125th St.

One sure-fire way to locate a douchebag haven is to discern which Yelp listing employs the most exclamation points, as the symbols directly correlate to the number of people in the bar who talk like their caps lock is permanently on. With that in mind, welcome to Billy's Pub Too!!! In most circumstances, a dimly lit, dutifully decorated establishment would be a revered dive bar. But, the bruh bruhs were so pumped on the possibility of a dive bar existing in Miami that they flocked to it in droves and ruined it for the rest of us. The prices here are also to blame, as they attract a young, broke crowd who file in to take advantage of their 8-hour-long happy hour(s), because it reminds them of the frat parties of yore. And, with the Foosball and beer pong tables gracing the tiki backyard, we're not surprised.