Address: 4441 Collins Ave.

Arkadia, LIV's cheaper sister spot, is where Deadmau5 played/plays. Deadmau5 and his over-sized rat head are the leader of the superdouche community, and following the producer's lead, they've all flocked to this spot. Of course, pool parties are generally awful in Miami. After the usual suspects roll out of bed, reapply their faces, and apologize to the people they've vomited on/had sex with the night before, the douches are ready to rally again. When playing host to barbecues, Arkadia is filled with bathing suits and sunglass-clad masses wading through the cesspool, attempting to rinse off the shame and STIs from last night. Eventually, the crowd moves indoors to a venue with even less space. Have fun getting sweaty and claustrophobic—we won't see you there!