The launch of Digg Reader will takeoff next week when the company unveils version 1.0

Digg said it will provide a simple, fast and functional way to reach news and provide features such as a tool to allow users to keep their most important stories on top of their feed.

A big part of the design was based off of the feedback that users gave in support of the development of the new Reader. Users wanted something fast, simple and compatible with mobile devices and the option to import feeds and folders from Google Reader before it shuts down. Access to the first phase of the new Reader will be fully available by June 26.

The first launch of the Digg Reader will include simple onboarding from Google Reader, a clean reading experience that focuses only on content (articles, photos, videos and links) mobile apps that sync with the website and key actions for subscribing, sharing, saving and organizing.

After the release of the initial phase, the following 60 days will be dedicated to the Android app, improvement with speed, integration with additional third party services (such as Evernote and Buffer), better tools to organize, filter and rank lists and feeds based on your interests and responding back to more user feedback. The later phases will incorporate a better search function and provide notifications.

Stayed tuned for more news from Digg get ready to say goodbye to Google Reader.

[via Digg]