Yes, the NSA has been spying on us. Yes, they are still spying on us. And yes, there may be a way to fight against it.

Designer Sang Mun created a font that can't be read by text-scanning software, called ZXX, and it's free for you to use. The font comes in six different versions, four of them being un-scannable, since the code imports "no linguistic content" from the coding system for book languages of the Library of Congress. Interestingly enough, Mun is a former member of the Korean military, working with the NSA. "Our ability to gather vital SIGINT (Signal Intelligence) information was absolutely easy," Mun wrote. "But, these skills were only applied outwards for national security and defense purposes — not for overseeing American citizens."

"It appears that this has changed," he said.

Mun recently graduated from the Rhode Island School of design, created the font for his final class project, and he had a political statement in mind while developing it: "Government and corporations’ physical, mental, and technological intrusions must stop in order to halt the surveillance state," he wrote on his blog.