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It's official: Dan Harmon is back on Community as executive producer, exactly one year after being unceremoniously ousted from the NBC series despite creating it. Now that he's made his triumphant return, however—which is, apparently, all thanks to series star Joel McHaleSony isn't letting any of his time go to waste, and has reportedly asked him to record the commentary for Community's season four DVDs. If you're not aware, yes, that is the season he was kicked off of.

Harmon announced the news himself—as he's been wont to do as of lateat Los Angeles Cinefamily theater's show Found Crap. "Sony said they’re very interested in recording me watching it as a commentary track," he said, after revealing that he hasn't actually watched season four at all yet. And really, can we blame him for that? Harmon continued that, though the possibility that he'd just insult it the whole way through is definitely there, "it would move season four DVDs, for sure."

Harmon added that no final decision has been made yet, though one will be soon since he has to watch season four to prepare for season five. Gotta say: This is sort of an awesome idea. Harmon does have a history of saying outrageous things, and what better material than a season of a series that he himself created but was fired from?

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[via Vulture]