Hardcore Mad Men fans have been buzzing about that crazy theory that Megan Draper may be murdered by the end of the season in the same fashion that actress Sharon Tate was in 1969, but this new evidence, strung together by Uproxx's Dustin Rowles, puts that all to shame: What if Megan Draper is already dead?

It's crazy, yes, but we have to admit, the evidence presented does make sense: Rowles points out that Don has a history of hallucinating the dearly departing—it happened with Anna Draper on the night she died—and in last Sunday's episode, Don had a hallucination of both the definitely deceased Private Jenkins, and of a pregnant Megan while he was floating facedown in a pool, briefly dead. From the post:

The hallucination occurred while Don was face down in a pool. He was briefly dead. Maybe that wasn’t a hashish hallucination, but a vision of the afterlife. How long was he face down in that pool? Certainly long enough to have a 90 second experience in the afterlife with Megan and Dinkins. [...]

The wording during that sequence is very careful. During the hallucination, in addition to finding out that Megan is pregnant, Don asks, “How did you find me?” Megan responds, “But I live here.” The “here” is not California; it can’t be the party. She’s clearly not actually there, but she could be in the afterlife. A few seconds later, Draper sees a dead Private Dinkins, who says, “I heard you were here.” Again, “here” is in the afterlife. “Dying doesn’t make you whole,” he tells Don, which is when Don realizes that death won’t fulfill him, it won’t bring him the answers he seeks. He has to get out, back to the living because “everyone is looking for you,” as Megan suggets. That’s when he is pulled from the pool and returned to life, away from Megan, Private Dinkins, and that place where the doorman was briefly after he died. It’s a perfect bookend to the opening scene of the season.

Additionally, Rowles points out that in the promo for next week's episode, Megan is wearing a black top and red pants—the color of death and the color of violence, respectively, and both colors that were apparent on Lane Pryce's tie during the season five episode where he kills himself. Don is later seen answering the door, to which Rowles questions: "[...] why is Don answering the door? If Megan is at home, does Don EVER answer the door? Who is that? Could be Dr. Rosen, coming to offer his condolences, or perhaps a detective, coming to ask questions about the murder, or worse: Revealing to Don what he was just informed by the hallucination of Megan. 'Mr. Draper, did you know that your wife was pregnant?'" There is, after all, still the question of why police cars could be seen in the background of that excellent Mad Men season six poster that debuted before the start of the season.

Then again, as The Atlantic Wire points out, there is that theory that Don is actually the one fated to die, if he hasn't already. 

You can head on over to Uproxx and read Rowles' full theory about Megan Draper here.

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[via Uproxx]