A few weeks back, we gave you an early look at our James Franco & Seth Rogen and Solange Knowles covers, and now we're thrilled to announce that Complex's June/July 2013 Issue is officially on sale today! Check out some articles from the magazine before you hit up your local newsstand... 

Cover Story: James Franco & Seth Rogen "Sea of Love"
This hilarious duo enjoys working together so much, even the end of the world can't spoil their fun.

Cover Story: Solange Knowles "Hot On Her Heels"
Solange knows that reaching the top isn't as important as enjoying the ride. 

Hot Complex: Adrianne Ho
The easygoing Ford model talks dressing down, throwing punches, and her active lifestyle.

Mantras: A$AP Ferg
The Harlem artist behind “Work” and Trap Lord talks about being fearless in fashion and on a BMX bike. 

Women Are Complex, Too: Eve
The Ruff Ryders' first lady emeritus, who recently dropped Lip Lockher first album in 11 years, gets candid about the downside of fame and beefs between female rappers in a round of "Would You Rather."


Why? It’s the keystone question of any endeavor. Solve for Why, and watch Who, What, When, Where, and How fall into place. But you’d be shocked—or at least I’m shocked—by the number of people who move through this world without first wrapping their mind around the purpose of their pursuit. Sure, some can act on impulse, nonchalantly willing cohesive thoughts into existence. But the vast majority of the accomplished are clear on why they accomplish.

Cover lady Solange is a perfect case study. Her career may have started out retracing her big sister’s footsteps, but then something happened. Maybe it was motherhood, maybe it was maturity, but Solange stepped back, looked at her art, and asked, “Why?” Her subsequent EP, True, represents the answer. And—surprise, surprise—as her motivation came into focus, her career flourished.

For some, like James Franco, whose unpredictably multifaceted career is a performance piece in itself, each project undertaken scratches an all-new, all-different itch. For others, like Seth Rogen, the key is adding drum fills while staying in the pocket—lest he Jim Carrey himself, stranded halfway to an Oscar, his funny bone in a sling. Which is why This Is the End sates both their objectives perfectly, giving Franco the opportunity to play himself, and Rogen the perfect vehicle to go, as Kirk Lazarus would say, full retard. Right where he belongs.

For myself, working on Complex, the Why has always been simple. There is a magazine, and a site—informed by sensibilities similar to those I acquired growing up in NYC, listening to hip-hop, writing graffiti, and being dumb with friends from different neighborhoods and cultures—that I want to read. I know other people want to read it, too. No one else is making it, and in my heart, I don’t think anyone else could. As long as I keep those inspirations in mind, the creative decisions inform themselves. Complex, not complicated.


—Noah Callahan-Bever

Editor-In-Chief & Chief Content Officer