Twenty-five years ago, two men journeyed across the globe to find suitable ladies. That's the most concise summary of John Landis' Coming to America, and everyone who loves the classic comedy knows that that doesn't tell you anything about the funniest of Eddie Murphy's '80s output.

Murphy plays Akeem Joffer, royalty from the fictional African nation of Zamunda, and all he wants is a wife. But he doesn't want an arranged marriage, and so he journeys, along with his friend Semmi (Arsenio Hall), to the place most famous for its lovely women: Queens, N.Y.

If you can, you should rewatch the classic today, to honor its 25th anniversary. At the very least, though, check out these GIFs and relive your favorite moments. From Soul Glo to Sexual Chocolate, these are the funniest Coming to America GIFs.

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