According to a 2011 CIA inspector general's report, the agency placed four agents inside of the NYPD's intelligence division following 9/11. The CIA is prohibited from spying on Americans, and the report states that  these officers did not "exercise law enforcement powers," or participate in "intelligence activities solely directed at the domestic activities of US persons." 

The report adds that the NYPD is the lone domestic police force that has a relationship with the CIA that's this tight.  Still, the report casts shadows of doubt upon two agents who were planted inside of the force. The New York Times says that one of these agents was under the impression that “no limitations” were placed on his actions, because he was on unpaid leave; another said he was handed police reports with information that was not related to foreign intelligence operations.

Do you feel any safer knowing that the CIA could've embedded agents to spy on Americans, which they aren't supposed to do?

[via Gawker and New York Times]