Google has just put together an elegant and interesting visualization of real-time web searches. If you ever wanted to geek-out at the information Google is retrieving for its users, well, this is as stylish as you can get with it. 

The webpage looks a little like the tiles you'll find on a Windows phone, and they change every few seconds to keep up with what's trending. Searches for "Rafael Nadal" will pop up on screen just as a search tile for "Nelson Mandela" disappears. Technology is popular genre, as searches for iOS 7 and MacBook Air are currently trending consistently throughout the day. As topics get more play, the more they will appear. Interested in something? Just click the tile to get the search results. You can also see what is trending by region (i.e., United States, China) by changing the option in the lower left-hand corner of the screen.

Pay the page a visit here

[via Mashable]

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