Some moments—and possessions—you instantly wish you could take back. A woman in Huntington Beach, Calif. is kicking herself after accidentally selling a pair of earrings worth $18,000 for $20 at a garage sale. Dori Rhoades, 38, kept the earrings in an old jean jacket along with $1,500 stashed for a vacation and a ring her husband gave her after her daughter was born. She sold the jacket at a garage sale in may. 

The person who bought the jacket hasn't returned the valuables, and Rhoades still holds on to hope that she'll get them back. They do hold sentimental value, after all. In effort to explain her mistake, Rhoades said: "I think anyone who is a mother knows. You give so much of yourself that sometimes your brain stops working." Mistakes happen, but come on.

[via LAist]