Brooklyn drivers are responsible for more deaths than any other drivers in New York City. In addition, data from a 2011 Transportation Alternatives report revealed that 88 percent of Brooklyn drivers drive above the 30 mile per hour speed limit. Seventy-nine people were killed by cars in Kings County in 2011 and over 2,300 were injured. That number topped Queens, which had 67, while the Bronx had 65. There were 45 in Manhattan and 12 on Staten Island. Overall, 268 people were killed by speeding drivers in 2011 and the number increased to 274 last year. 

This information strengthens the argument for speeding cameras. Though just 2,028 speeding citations were issued in Brooklyn in 2011, Transportation Alternatives managed to clock 2,232 speed demons in a mere 12 hours.

[via Gothamist]