Free Lives Games shared a updated development gameplay trailer for its side-scrolling Contra-loving 80's action movie blast-fest that is Broforce.

This trailer follows main characters Brominator, Indiana Brones, Robrocop and Rambro (among other "bro" aliases of your favorite action movie characters such as BroHard) in the merciless slaughter against an ambiguous terrorist threat and turning them into red pulp. The environments are completely destructible, thus the earth can feel your wrath with some crazy pixelated explosions.

Broforce is exactly the game to grab a buddy and pwn them on, or maybe just play the game. The soundtrack seems equally epic but we're seriously missing some hair metal in this one.

A prototype version of Broforce is available for free on Free Lives' website but waiting for approval in Steam Greenlight with a final version set for later this year, get on it people!

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[Via PCGamer]