Gamers who grew up playing the original Thief were a creepy bunch.

Spending all your time in the shadows and never engaging in direct combat, Thief: The Dark Project was so interesting and different when it was released because your character, Garrett, was weak.

Direct confrontation ended in death and being hunted down like the shadowy rat you were. Spike TV demos Thief on PS4 with commentary from producer Stephane Roy from E3 earlier this week.

The new Thief, not longer called Thief 4, takes elements of the original and repackages them in a beautifully rendered city; after all, in the Thief series, your environment is your primary weapon. Players are urged to stay true to the title, thievery is much easier than killing and sneaking around in the dark gives you a sense of power, but step into the light you drop faster than a mole-rat.

While comparisons to Dishonored are obvious, Dishonored borrowed heavily from the original Thief's gameplay so we'll have to wait and see which game updates the original game the best, it's brother or bastard cousin. 

Do you think Dishonored was the update the Thief series needed or do you still crave your blackjack and water arrows?

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