The re-making of Logan's Run has been underway in one form or another since 2011. Bryan Singer of X-men and Superman Returns was slated to direct and Ryan Gosling was even on-board at one point. Unfortunately, Gosling is no long attached but Deadline Hollywood released an exclusive report that Ken Levine, creator of the hit video game BioShock is writing the latest script.

Levine has some pre-video game screenplays under his belt so it isn't his first crack at feature films. He's also a self-proclaimed fan of the orginal Logan's Run as well. Those who've played any of the BioShock series knows how deep the level of dystopia Mr. Levine likes to take players, so we can only imagine the levels of human-fracture we'll see if his version makes it to a final film. If nothing else, maybe this will turn into a BioShock: Logan's Run DLC? We can only hope.

For those who haven't seen the classic film check out the trailer, we've always wanted to see it as a game but this could be the next best thing.

[Via Deadline Hollywood]

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