Developer: Crystal Dynamics

If you had asked us a few years ago whether Lara Croft could ever be made relevant again, we may have given you the wrong answer. All things considered, the sex symbol had become nothing more than a caricature of herself, and we would have been pretty much fine if she had gone the way of Crash Bandicoot and countless other gaming mascots and disappeared forever.

Of course, that was before we saw what Crystal Dynamics could do with her.

Where once Lara was just another big-breasted cartoon, the new Tomb Raider was a real, human person experiencing trauma the likes of which you and I will likely never be subjected to. The result is a game that causes you to connect with her even as you direct her to commit acts that traumatize and ultimately change her. For a Tomb Raider game nothing could be more surprising, and it's definitely worth experiencing.