Stars: Nev Schulman, Max Joseph

Before Catfish: The TV Show's premiere last November, some people would've said that the world didn't need a reality show based on a relatively obscure (in the mainstream, at least) 2010 documentary about a guy who got duped by a fake online love. Well, those folks must feel like dumbasses.

Ripe with powerful emotions and fascinating (and, most importantly, real) twists and turns, Catfish: The TV Show has turned out to be the perfect of-the-moment show for today's pop culture zeitgeist—Manti Te'o, anyone? With the easily likable pair of Nev Schulman and Max Joseph as hosts (and, yes, impromptu counselors), MTV's best reality program since The Real World's heyday is never exploitative.

The cyber daters in question—all young in age and grappling with relatable everyday problems—genuinely want to find love, and the ways in which Catfish is able to work as both scandalous oh-no-they-didn't entertainment and raw drama is no joke. Real talk, this is one of TV's most profound shows. Don't lump it alongside its MTV peers like Teen Mom and The Real World: Portland. —MB