Perfect for: Guys who think that Happy Gilmore is a current professional golfer

While there are a number of claims to the birth of ladder golf, the most interesting stems from the belief that it draws from the pastime of cowboys and caballeros, who threw live snakes at tree branches and fences for points. While the origins of the game may be disputed, its role as a popular backyard game is not. People from Martha Stewart (an O.G. to be certain) to Jimmy Fallon have been seen playing the game.

Even better still, taunting and distracting your opponent is encouraged by those who play the game. Get ready for your inner trash-talker to come out (just don't strangle your friends with the bolas when things start getting heated).

How to play: Begin by placing the ladder five paces away from the throw line. Players then throw their "bolas" (the rope with the balls on each end) at the ladder. The top rung is three points, middle rung is two points and the bottom rung is one point. Players can earn additional points by placing a bola on each run (a "1-2-3"), which earns an extra point or hanging three bolas on a single rung. This also earns an extra point. Games are played to 21. If a player goes over 21, their points for that round do not count. For more information on how to play, click here.