You might be waiting a little longer to upgrade to that new phone if you're an AT&T customer: AT&T is now making their customers wait two years in order to upgrade their phones, placing an additional four months on the previous wait time of 20 months.

The company is following the lead of rival Verizon, which announced in April that they, too, would be making their customers wait two years for an upgrade. The bad news will affect AT&T customers whose contracts are up in March 2014 or later. “Today, we’re announcing a 24-month upgrade policy across all of AT&T’s wireless products and services,” AT&T said in a post on their blog. “This aligns device upgrade eligibility with our standard two-year wireless agreement.”

No word if the company will be giving customers extra time to think about extending their contracts when they're close to ending, as upgrading to a new phone before a contract was up was usually an enticing way to get customers to stay. Don't worry, if you can't wait for your contract to end, 16GB iPhone 5's are currently $649.99 without a contract.

[via AllThingsD]