During day two of the WWDC conference in San Francisco, Apple executive Eddie Cue took the stage to showcase the newly designed version of Siri running on iOS 7. As he went through its features, he casually mentioned that Siri's new default search engine will be Bing and not Google. Score, Microsoft. 

There are more than 600 million iPhones out there, and Bing will be on each one with the capability of  running Siri. This may not be a huge blow to Google, but it certainly works in Microsoft's favor. "We are excited to work with Apple to deliver Bing to Siri users this fall," Microsoft Vice President for Bing, Derrick Connell, said. Siri will open up Safari if you ask it to "Google" something, so you'll have to train yourself to say "search" instead if you want Siri to search it for you.

As is the case, Apple is not a fan of Google, and they're not afraid of letting that be known: Apple removed the original Google Maps from the iPhone (opting for its own Apple Maps, which had a horrible introduction), and they took out their YouTube app last year. So, the Siri decision lets Apple slight Google by way of Microsoft, with both rivals benefiting each other against a common enemy. 

[via Mashable]