If you haven't heard the rumors: Apple is more than likely launching a new iPhone in September. The ninth month of the year is usually a key time for new iPhone releases, and with a new, flatter look coming with iOS 7, it looks like Apple is gunning for a fresh start. So fresh, in fact, that they want to help you get a fresh start, too.

Bloomberg is reporting that Apple will be starting a trade-in program to help knock off some change toward buying a new iPhone. "It's a great way for Apple to get their best customers to upgrade more frequently and more affordably by providing a credit for the old device that they wouldn't use anyway," said Israel Ganot, CEO of the electronics trade-in service, Gazelle

There's no word out yet about how much you could potentially get back for an iPhone—which is probably the main thing going through your mind right now—but if you're stuck in the iPhone 3GS days, anything could help.

[via Mashable]