We're not sure if you knew this, but Amy Poehler and Adam Scott put on The Greatest Event in Television History last night on Adult Swim. No big deal or anything. It was just awesome, that's all.

But really: The Parks and Recreation co-stars absolutely killed this shot-by-shot recreation of the opening sequence to '80s television series Hart to Hart. The special even came complete with a featurette hosted by Jeff Probst, who assured viewers that this was much better than Scott's previous Greatest Event in Television History, which was a shot-by-shot recreation of the Simon & Simon opening credits with Jon Hamm. The clip also includes a making-of segment, featuring Poehler and Scott as totally awful versions of themselves.

Luckily for you all, in case you missed it, the event itself—complete with the full making-of featurette—has been posted online by Adult Swim for the masses to view in awe. You can check that out above. And, for context, here is the actual opening to Hart to Hart, bad '80s hair and all.

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[via EW]