Screenwriters and filmmakers can now turn scripts into storyboards thanks to Amazon's new online tool. Amazon Storyteller, which is free and still in beta, helps create and circulate work online for budding auteurs.

So how does it work? Storyteller first scans a movie script uploaded to Amazon Studios, after which it identifies every scene, location and character, and then “casts them from a library of thousands of characters, props and backgrounds." But if you're not totally satisfied with Storyteller's board, then you can manually recast, change locations and upload your own images.

“We’ve found that many writers want to see their story up on its feet in visual form but find it harder than it should be to create a storyboard,” said Roy Price, who is director of Amazon Studios. “Storyteller provides a digital backlot, acting troupe, prop department and assistant editor--everything you need to bring your story to life."

[via WSJ]