So, if you're wondering why Alec Baldwin's Twitter is nowhere to be found this morning: It's because the actor had a major meltdown on the site last night after reading a Daily Mail article posted by senior showbiz reporter George Stark which suggested his wife, Hilaria, had been texting while they attented the funeral for late Sopranos star James Gandolfini

The article, which can be viewed here, says that Hilaria's Twitter feed was "full of upbeat posts while the Sopranos star's friends, family and co-stars were gripped with grief at a New York Catholic church...messages included a request for ideas about wedding anniversary presents and promotional notes about her upcoming appearance on the Rachael Ray show."

Baldwin didn't take too kindly to thisand he may actually have a point, because tweets can easily be scheduled or sent out by a publicistand he didn't waste any time making it known to his then one million plus followers in a violent, homophobic, angry rant directed at the journalist. The tweets:

The tweets that the Daily Mail suggested were sent out during the funeral are still up on Hilaria's page, along with tweets where Hilaria attempted to explain the situation:

The Daily Mail has since released an article about the Twitter rant.

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[via NYMag]