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If After Earth is actually a movie made simply to promote Scientology like some sources are suggesting, it doesn't look like it's doing a very good job: According to Deadline, the new Will Smith-starring film is tanking with ticket sales, and so far is only at number three in the box office; the film only earned $9.7 million on Friday, and weekend totals are projected to be at about $27.2 million—well under the $30 million to $40 million that studio Sony was predicting. M. Night Shyamalan never did recover from The Happening, did he?

As for other films in theaters this weekend: The newly released Now You See Me is set to come in at the number two spot, and projected to earn about $27.8 million for the weekend—much more than the $20 million that studio Lionsgate/Summit Entertainment predicted. It's also earned an 'A' CinemaScore, which is a good sign.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, though, number one went to none other than Fast & Furious 6 for the second week in a row. That film is absolutely killing it in the box office—this weekend, it's projected to earn about $35.1 million, which would bring its domestic total to somewhere around $171 million.

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