It was 40 years ago when former Motorola VP Martin Cooper made the first mobile call on the first-ever cellular phone: the DynaTAC. Since then the mobile phone has gone from a cool, geeky niche gadget for the wealthy to the most ubiquitous device of technology in existence. A U.N. study showed six out of the estimated seven billion people living in the world have access to a handset. That means more people own a phone than a toilet. Crazy, right? Nowadays, it seems there’s a cellphone being released every month, with only a handful of them good enough to garner critical acclaim, permeate pop culture and drum up large consumer interest.

We’re talking about the devices that paved the way for today’s heavyweights like the HTC One, iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4. But before the big three hit the market, these were the portable callers that reigned supreme. We look back at all the game-changers, best sellers and fan favorites with The 50 Best Mobile Phones of All Time.