Free will has been granted to us for some time in gaming. The freedom to go wherever we want and do whatever we please adds an extra element to our adventures. With free will however comes the occasional mischief. Non playable characters act as targets for nefarious activities like hit-and-runs and target practice. Actions like these would never take us away from playing hero, depending on the game, which is much different about gaming today.

More and more titles give you, the player, the opportunity to align yourselves with the dark side giving you more of a motive to terrorize those around you. It's the things we do for achievements. Regardless of if you're playing like a knight in shining armor or a demon seed, there are some things that we felt absolutely guilty doing in video games. Murdering harmless people, ditching our allies, making children cry, we feel guilty just talking about it. Here's our list of 25 Things That Make You Feel Guilty in Video Games.

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