How often do you feel like you're reading the same statuses on Facebook over and over again? How many times a day do you see another picture of someone's meal or someone complaining about their job? Even though social media has provided us with myriad outlets to express ourselves, we often opt to say the same things as everyone else. There are many days that we scroll through our feed and feel like if we covered up the names, it would feel like we are reading the same post on an endless loop. Whether you take the cynical view that this is because we are all zombified products of the media, or you have the more optimistic attitude that we should celebrate the commonalities of human experience, you can't deny that the more Facebook you get, the more it feels the same.

We took a look at our newsfeeds to see what posts popped up the most, and the results shouldn't surprise you: we experienced some serious déjà vu. Here are 20 Things On Facebook That Everyone Feels the Need to Post About.