Uggh, parents! They are the worst, particularly on Facebook. The technology gap never ceases to amaze us. Young children are able to perform complicated Internet tasks at an incredibly early age, but parents are unable to grasp even basic rules of Facebook communication. It's enough to make you wonder if they are in on the joke; maybe parents across the world got together and decided that they would play dumb when it came to the Internet just so they can further embarrass their children. Perhaps it is all part of their terribly embarrassing master plan.

Okay, so it probably isn't as dastardly as all that, but that doesn't make parental Facebook activity any less mortifying. We wish we could tell you that there was anything you could do to stop an overbearing parent's relentless drive to embarrass you as many ways as possible on the Internet. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do except sit there idly as your wall is overrun by excessive punctuation and unneeded capital letter. When it comes to the Internet, parents never learn. While we have no cure for your parents' digital foibles, we can offer a place to commiserate, an opportunity to share our sadness together. Acceptance is your first step to recovery from mortifying parental Internet embarrassment. Let us help you on your way with these 15 Ways Your Parents Embarrass You on Facebook.