For those of you who weren't blessed with enough hair to grow into a luxurious mane, don't worry. Light can also be used to hide your flaws. Turning off the lights on one side of the room or only taking pictures of yourself in dimly lit clubs and bars is a great way to hide parts of your body that you aren't quite ready to show the world. For those of you who are extremely self-conscious, we can recommend placing an extremely harsh light behind you, or using your flash in a mirror selfie so that you can barely see yourself at all. If someone tries to call you out on the fact that they can't actually see you in any of your pictures, tell them that was your intention, your method of artistic expression. Of course, if you want to get laid, people are eventually going to have to see you, but if you meet up with people at the bar as often as possible, they will quickly stop caring what you look like after they've had enough to drink.