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Translation: "leet" which is short for "elite"
Proper Usage: "I'm 1337, if you don't believe me ask my mom."

It's not the date that some old-time geek came up with the idea of a virtual first person shooter. Think of it as the arch-nemesis of the aforementioned "n00b." The "l33t speak," term means to be an elite gamer in one or more video games. That includes knowing a game's maps as well as the player's own living room and having an almost robotic skill with weapons and aiming. Calling yourself "l33t" is the same as calling yourself a gangster in the streets. If you do, someone else will always pop up to test you. As a word of advice, never refer to yourself as being "l33t" if can't back it up. Otherwise, you'll be in a virtual world full of humiliation.