Platform: Mega Drive/Genesis, Sega Master System, Game Gear, Amiga, Super NES, Game Boy, DOS

Publisher: Virgin Interactive

Though his career as a mascot was short lived, the sunglass sporting spot from the bottles of 7 Up was around at least long enough to garner himself a lead role in a video game. As far as blatant branding goes, Cool Spot was rather minimal in its depiction of the product. Sure, the eponymous character may have been part of the company’s logo, and sure, his main weapon may have been soda bubbles, but that was about it as far as branding went. Interestingly, the European version of the game didn’t even feature any 7 Up branding, as their mascot was completely different at the time and the company didn’t want to confuse consumers.

Although the game itself was relatively unremarkable in terms of gameplay, its soundtrack was recorded by Earthworm Jim composer Tommy Tallarico and went on to win several awards; something no other branded game can claim.