Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is pulling out all the stops to keep the company relevant, and a potential purchase of the social media network, Tumblr, may be on the table. According to sources, Mayer has made an offer of $1 billion to Tumblr CEO, David Karp. If the deal goes through, Yahoo would increase its monthly page views by 15 billion, thanks to Tumblr's 107 million microblogs—but, this is all in the "if" stages. Tumblr has been doing well as of late, and there may be no need to seek Yahoo's help to see the company grow, so Karp may need some buttering up if he is going to sell.

Mayer is making things happen for Yahoo, as seen in her recent purchase of a start-up for $30 million that was operated by a 17-year-old, so this purchase may very well happen.