Following a somewhat incoherent reveal earlier this week, Microsoft has announced used Xbox One games will not require an additional activation fee for players, according to a report from Polygon.

Instead, games have an authentication code tied into the disc (or, presumably, the digital download), information that will then reportedly be stored on the owner’s hard drive; making use of the Xbox One’s apparently (mostly) always-online connection requirement to periodically check the license, which sounds like a sort of living DRM measure for as long as that game is in use on that console.

So what happens when you sell a game or it’s otherwise installed on another system? Essentially the authentication process is de-activated on the original machine.

Sounds confusing, but so does a lot of Microsoft’s as-of-yet squishy plans for their bizarre new game console (or whatever it is). Whether or not new games will have similar mandatory authentication measures remains to be seen. Check the full story at Polygon in the link below.

[via Polygon]