Director: Hideo Nakata
Stars: Naomi Watts, Simon Baker, David Dorfman, Elizabeth Perkins, Gary Cole, Daveigh Chase, Sissy Spacek

You couldn't have asked for a more promising start to a horror sequel's production. After the unexpected success of director Gore Verbinski's smart and creepy The Ring, a remake of the Japanese film Ringu, in 2002, it was inevitable that a second dose of Naomi Watts and the haunted video tape would happen. But the producers made genre heads very happy by assigning the sequel's direction to Hideo Nakata, the guy who helmed Ringu and its own sequels.

Unfortunately, they also hired screenwriter Ehren Kruger, whose script for this ultimately putrid enterprise riddles itself with Swiss cheese-like holes when it's not ineffectively rehashing the scariest bits from Verbinski's film. Though, the rest of the film's key players do nothing to better his hack-job of a screenplay. You get the feeling that Watts, who looks either bored or embarrassed throughout, signed onto this waste of time out of a sense of obligation, while Nakata probably wanted to cash an American paycheck for a change. Forget highway robbery—that's international airway theft.