Director: Wes Craven
Stars: Tamara Stafford, Michael Berryman, Kevin Spirtas, John Bloom, Peter Frachette

In 1977, Wes Craven followed up his controversial horror debut, The Last House on the Left, with a film that was a bit inferior yet still full of shocks: The Hills Have Eyes. With that one-two punch, Craven quickly earned the trust of terror movie fans, an audience he further pleased with 1984's A Nightmare On Elm Street. But in '85, however, dude needed some extra cash. So what'd he do? Completely shit on both his rep and one of his best works.

Don't just take our word for it; Craven himself has denounced the god-awful sequel, a mess that squanders every shock and bit of tension from its predecessor and inserts a dog flashback, overdone gore, and heroes on dirt bikes. There's a thin connecting thread (this one's protagonist is one of the first movie's survivors), but that only makes The Hills Have Eyes 2 even more abhorrent; Craven would've been better off entirely disconnecting the sequel from the '77 cult classic. And keep the dog's flashback, because, really, we just don't see enough of those in movies.