Director: Sylvester Stallone
Stars: John Travolta, Finola Hughes, Cynthia Rhodes, Steve Inwood

No, that's not a misprint—the sequel to the disco drama Saturday Night Fever was directed, not to mention co-written, by Sly Stallone, he of Rambo and Rocky infamy. That's not unlike hiring Jason Statham to helm the next Step Up flick. Actually, it's probably worse. Much, much worse.

Coming off of the macho and immensely badass First Blood, Stallone must've felt the desire to shatter perceptions and craft something totally against type; John Travolta, the first movie's returning star, must've been high.

Together, they combined for what's essentially Rocky Balboa: The Flamboyant Years, a poorly written dud that stuck Travolta's Tony Manero in some of the most horrific song-and-dance numbers this side of Satan's discotheque (you know he has one down there).

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